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Our Services


Installment Loans

Get $1,000 today, and pay it back over time. Bring in your proof of income, bank statement and a photo ID.

Payday Loans

Get cash on the spot! Just bring us a recent paystub, personal check from your bank account and a utility bill. Loan amounts range from $100-$500.


Wire Transfers

Send or receive money domestically or internationally via Western Union®. We accept cash or debit cards for send transactions.


Money Orders
Money orders are a good way to send cash or send a payment. Money orders are a safe, convenient and reliable payment device.


Bill Payments

We all have bills, and you can pay them all at United. Payment processing times vary from same day to 3 business days. Just bring in your statement and cash and we’ll process the payment.


  • FPL (Florida Power & Light)

  • Phone / Cell Phone

  • Utilities (Gas, Water, etc.)

  • Cable TV / Internet

  • Credit Cards

  • & Many More!



Prepaid Debit Cards

We sell NetSpend® MasterCard® and Visa® debit cards at United. Load any amount of cash onto the card then use it wherever debit cards are accepted. It is not a credit card, so you do not have to worry about getting into trouble with debt. It’s all the convenience of a credit card without the hassles of managing credit. Direct Deposit available!


Additional Services

We offer a variety of other convenient services:

  • Same Day Installment Loan

  • Boss Revolution® Top-Up

  • ATM

  • Fax / Copy Service

  • Stamps

  • Notary Public

  • Sunpass Reloads

  • & more


Payday Loans
Wire Transfers
Money Orders
Bill Payment
Prepaid Debit Cards
Installment Loans
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